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We help you to discover Europe on your bicycle

‘Europafietsers’ (Europe Cyclists) is a non-profit organization of volunteers only. We want to inspire people of all ages to undertake cycling holidays in Europe. Our Long Distance Cycle Guides describe carefully designed routes on quiet roads.

These routes going in all directions, form a network over all of Europe, bringing you to various interesting places. We apologize for not offering you a fully translated package, as both our website and the guides are in Dutch.

However, we hope to make our booklets useful for you by giving a translation of the most commonly used words, symbols and abbreviations that are needed to find your way. In the download file symbols.pdf (63 kB) we present you the symbols and abbreviations in the right format to cut out, and glue to the little flap at the backside cover of the guide. In words.pdf (44 kB) you find less frequently used terms and wordings.

The text describing landscape and cultural highlights, is only provided in Dutch. We nevertheless hope you will enjoy cycling with our ‘Europafietser’ guides and await your comments.

Please, try a cycling holiday in Europe!

Our famous Fietsweb will help you to find your way. The Fietsweb is a spiders web of documented cycle paths covering Europe based on the works of mainly Dutch origin: 

  • Spokes penetrate Europe from the Netherlands;
  • Rings form circles centered around the Netherlands in ever increasing distances;
  • Knots between the former give you the opportunity to plan round trips.